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Proof of
Existence 2.0

BTC Labs aims to connect the world's content creators, brands, and consumers by incubating and developing decentralized networks so every stakeholder can retain the fair value of their work.

We believe that blockchain technology will permeate itself into every major industry. By powering decentralized networks that can operate both freely and transparently, blockchains are helping usher in a more equitable economic landscape.

BTC Labs is a venture studio building a suite of decentralized applications for forward thinking media companies. By leveraging our expertise in blockchain technology, we’re supporting the tools and infrastructure necessary to pioneer new business models that bridge the legacy media industry to the internet of value.



Po.et is an open, shared, universal ledger designed to track attribution and ownership information for the world’s digital creative assets. By creating an open platform on the Bitcoin blockchain, Po.et aims to create the most institutional, globally verified digital asset registry. This platform will become a framework for building smart, interoperable decentralized media applications

MAD Network

The MAD Network is a set of decentralized applications designed to seamlessly connect every stakeholder within the complex adtech value chain.


CoinCart is a turn-key ICO issuance platform that allows you to raise capital and manage investors. CoinCart’s enterprise-grade infrastructure allows you to execute your ICO painlessly.

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If you want to contact us about a project or a fundraising opportunity, please email our team at contact@btclabs.org.